Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There are juicy Waves still being caught are you on them?

Wave has found some ground with which to build some momentum.  Inside Google and now in the Apache Software Foundation Incubation program

    Note this recent announcement on the Google Wave APIs group
    The Google Wave team would like to announce a wave data export option intended to support importing wave data from wave.google.com to your own wave server. We have added an option to the ROBOT_FETCH_WAVE method in the Wave Data API to get the raw deltas from a wavelet. These raw deltas provide the wave's complete history. We expect there will be a little work to turn them into a form suitable for any particular WIAB instance. The raw deltas export and some important caveats about how it works are explained here: http://www.waveprotocol.org/wave-apis/google-wave-data-api/raw-deltas-export
Here is a link to a wave we started for Incident Command please check it out and lets just roll with the wave and have some fun and make the world a better place. That is a lot of give to get for the effort.
On the Opensource side, it should be noted that there were a couple of wave api brerwing when Google Wave jumped on it big time and we'll do are best to come back and make a note of them here.

(Forgotten Contributors Goes here)

The Apache Software Foundation entertained, voted and accepted Wave into their incubator program.

The proposal is available at: http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/WaveProposal

The vote options:

[ ] +1 Accept Wave for incubation
[ ] +0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Reject for the following reason:

The vote is open for 72 hours.

The vote that is taking place on the general@incubator list is strictly
a vote of members of the Incubator Project Management Committee (PMC),
as they are the folks that will be taking on formal responsibility for
the project while it is in incubation. Thus their votes will be

However, other votes are valued there, as they show the breadth of
community support. And clearly this project has a significant breadth of

So, those of you who have voted on this list, I'd encourage you to send
your +1 votes to the general@incubator list. Ideally subscribe first,
but if you don't, a moderator should push them through.

The project was approved and is now under their umbrella of projects. Plus it was noted on a recent email I was reading 
Wave currently has a healthy community around waveprotocol.org <http://waveprotocol.org>, withcode review on reviews.apache.org <http://reviews.apache.org>
So if you have not been out of a wave we just have to say that is like going to beach and not getting in the ocean when the tasty waves come rolling in everyone love a great wave.

Monday, December 6, 2010

http://altavozdistribution.blogspot.com Altavoz Distribution: changing the distribution model into co-creation d... http://t.co/tXuSqjy So here is one of the major announcements http://amplify.com/u/hs3t

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I want to highly recommend the Global Mind Shift and the experience that you will get out of the conversation cloud that is engendered by the folks that are involved from top to bottom of the whole GMS undertaking. So please check em out and join in the fun.

To speed up the time it takes artists, bands and labels all know one thing that many clubs, promoters, retailers radio folks know we add some app to the general understanding of who the music business works well for everyone.When you tour or play out and donut have physical product 2 sell or at the least have some on consignment at a local store, ur are disturbing the force.That force is the community of fans that hear, see it buy it and talk it btw last we looked 58 percent of the money was coming from Album sales and only 25 percent from Digital albums. Do the math and also ask yourself if you ever, EVER heard of a digital rock star. The fans donut need to have to figure it out they (can and should) have it all so artists.bands.labels might want to figure out what this elusive distribution thingy is because that is where the money and Grammy's are coming from and it's just time to step up.btw we are at TheMajorsSuck.comprofit 2 helpearth http://amplify.com/u/h680

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Co-Creation is happening today

 PublicMediaCamp (#pubcamp) is an initiative to strengthen the relationship that public broadcasters have with their communities through the creation of collaborative projects. This group has been created to connect people around the world interested in the future of public media. Make sure you visit thePublicMediaCamp Wiki here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weadvance needs a chance

Recently I traded emails with someone that I know to be brave, true passionate and without a doubt one of the biggest Crisis Free Agents in the HISTORY of em.

Her story is part of a larger story and I believe what these ladies are doing is something that needs to be embraced, funded and nurtured because our lives do depend upon it. These are some of the most vunberable citizen on this planet and when you hear the stories of the women these clinics help~ You will weep for many reason the few I have heard are so horrible and worse is that I was gettting them from somone that had to deal with it in the aftermath.

This is the untold story of the lives and struggles of the women of Haiti and if we don't unite and do something about it NOW then we are the problem.

Attached is a very important Women's clinic proposal that exemplifies the ability of the few to respond to the many. Already with scant funding these clinics are happening.

Founded in the middle of the worst disaster possible in Haiti history by crisis free agent Alison Thompson, actress Maria Bello, and lawyer Aleda Freshman. This is a something to behold and fund

We Advance

These are the same ladies lead by Maria who used her star power to successful bring UN Sectary General Ban-Ki Moon to officially open their first clinic at the JPHRO camp in Haiti.

“Operating on the small of an old rag and we just get our heads down and move forward without red tape.“ Alison Thompson, Co-Founder.

Weadvance just received a donated huge circus tent which they are about to use as a new women's clinic behind St Damien's hospital.

I think it’s the time for some of us to step up and help them. Think if what these wonderful ladies can achieve with funding.I have attached their proposals and hope that you can help them or know of someone that can so that they can continue to help the women and children in Haiti.

 Click here to Download Weadvance Women's Clinic Proposal

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Friday, October 22, 2010

We just helped to lauch another non profit

The International Community Association aims to serve the 100 million owners in Common Interest Communities across the globe and make up the largest ninch of voters in the US some 80 million strong. We have a very simple economic mandate strive for the largest Marginal Utility of Public Good.   Our goal is to help the owners in condominiums, cooperatives, single family & townhouse associations find each other and the right gov agency and federate services to issues.

HelpEarth provided the base Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and know how on how to select the inital board, and launch.  We look forward to working with the ICA and it partner companies and websites to help earth and our network of friends.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lets' turn over the cart.

In our previous Blog we talked about the way sales of online ADs across the MetropolitanCloud where going to be used to support this nonprofit.  What we are now able to say is that the some of the professional sale force we are going to deploy is going to be made up of the homeless, like my local street paper seller who will be able to further support himself by selling the placement of ads across the MetropolitanCloud starting with the area he happens to be in TenleyTown.net.

When we first brought up to him the potential to learn about our programs and then be a paid salesman he was more then excited he was hopeful and knew that the time he spends every up to 18 hours a day can now be using to cross promote himself, community, street paper,  and the business that are supporting Help Earth by advertising on the MetropolitanCloud.

We look forward to bring more information about this project and some other game changing ideas we have coming down the pipe and as always we strive to make them a WIN WIN WIN WIN

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Support HelpEarth just by being online.

The HelpEarth Foundation has embarked upon a number of inovative tasks, programs and fundraising methods.  All of which are different and empower the Foundation not required us to spend the majority of our time funding fishin.

So what is one of the programs.    The HelpEarthFoundation now is the benefictor of the ad sales for a number of internet portals that refence one what is happening in towncenters and other places where folks live play shop and work.

We are able to via the cloud of connected infrastructure and crossed connected sites to localize content from a central cloud that joins others clouds.   

In the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan area we have the MetropolitanCloud.com and what makes this cloud so important is that is merging a whole cloud from the world of Common Interest Communities CIC.   According to our partners at the International Community  Associations @intercommassoc  we are looking at a potential of 100 million homes in the US that are under some kind of association as ownership structure. 

Well all of these homes are somewhere and when someone online is looking for infomation ICA's partners will have that information and our related portals will be   implanted into their Graphical Interface.

Come back to seek more information about this what we like to call the Win Win Win Win

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bigbay WX - Space Weather

Bigbay WX - Space Weather

Geophysical Activity Forecast:
Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at unsettled to active levels on day 1 (03 August) due to the arrival of the first of two CMEs observed on 01 August (this CME was associated with the long-duration C3/Sf flare at 01/0826Z). Activity is expected to be at active to minor storm levels with a slight chance for major storm on days 2 - 3 (04 - 05 August) due to the arrival of the second slower CME observed on 01 August (associated with a large filament disappearance).
Take a look at this blog to seem more about the effects of CME or any other energy systems and it impact on us.

Friday, July 30, 2010

HelpEarth is all over the cloud.

The Help Earth Foundation is all about the cloud and we are please to be helping a number of clouds seed and spreed to a number of related cloud fields that we are partnering with or know to be open and reasonable, best one can hope for in this and age dont ya think.

So please take a look at one of our newest projects:  The MetropolitanCloud.com 

We are hopeful that the social conscience of todaysbusiness.co's will join together for our four wins WINWINWINWIN.org


Sunday, June 6, 2010

RHoK out w/ur Hack on and win win win win

I am happy to say that experiencing a CrisisCamp as a Random Hack of Kindness is something that everyone needs to make happen for themselves and for their community. The great thing about this is that it taps into the concept of WIN WIN which I first learned about from the great F. Scott Peck's book The Different Drum. And, this is Alive & (let alone the vital part of all of us coming together. Only here not kickin) Hackin for Humanity.

The idea of the win win btw is to break the winner/ loser event outcome/ self filing theory and intoduce that concept of both parties benefit from the event hence WINWIN. Now! The Crisis Camps are a further extension of this (in that another group is added to the WINWIN now add another Win . Namely the people that are serving in the field. Like the Haiti First Responders that used Map Hacks download in to GPS's from the #crisiscampdc on Jan 17th. To them what was once at best scrapes of information and few maps about land/buildings in #Haiti is now a model marvel of information .

Here is the thing with each new collaboration #Haiti, #Chile and #Gulf this model gets more data and learns more (+ -)s about itself. And it along the way even further extends the WINWINWIN+(WIN now there are four) The people that are being helped and the help is not just in the relief its part of the recovery too since the cloud that rules our western life's is now appearing in the skies and homes of each area with information that so rich that it will benefit the community for ages.

What to expect when you attend these events. As they bring out a veritable who's who of bright, intelligent, social networking, technerd, wonders, agencies and companies and python programers. I would say expect to make an impact. The whole point is to have this quite disorganized group of folks and in some cases even direct competitors working on a project that if successful will find it way into the field . I think this video clip will sum it up better then my hackin aways @ these keys.

So the best part is that No one owns this stuff because most of the stuff is coming from between two ears. So come from the brains stay for the hacks of existing API's and some come from how the brains sync together to what can be best described as a 3rd wave.

The tabula slate or > structure is what will keep us comin back and < thinking of new ways to Help Earth via CrisisCamps.....

So until then go to end........ RHoK out w/ ur Hack on

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Storm 2010

Getting ready, not gonna panic have a plan talked to my neighbors and made sure they were aware and preparing for any of the hazards that this new storm may bring upon our community

in reference to: PANIC!!! (view on Google Sidewiki)