Sunday, June 6, 2010

RHoK out w/ur Hack on and win win win win

I am happy to say that experiencing a CrisisCamp as a Random Hack of Kindness is something that everyone needs to make happen for themselves and for their community. The great thing about this is that it taps into the concept of WIN WIN which I first learned about from the great F. Scott Peck's book The Different Drum. And, this is Alive & (let alone the vital part of all of us coming together. Only here not kickin) Hackin for Humanity.

The idea of the win win btw is to break the winner/ loser event outcome/ self filing theory and intoduce that concept of both parties benefit from the event hence WINWIN. Now! The Crisis Camps are a further extension of this (in that another group is added to the WINWIN now add another Win . Namely the people that are serving in the field. Like the Haiti First Responders that used Map Hacks download in to GPS's from the #crisiscampdc on Jan 17th. To them what was once at best scrapes of information and few maps about land/buildings in #Haiti is now a model marvel of information .

Here is the thing with each new collaboration #Haiti, #Chile and #Gulf this model gets more data and learns more (+ -)s about itself. And it along the way even further extends the WINWINWIN+(WIN now there are four) The people that are being helped and the help is not just in the relief its part of the recovery too since the cloud that rules our western life's is now appearing in the skies and homes of each area with information that so rich that it will benefit the community for ages.

What to expect when you attend these events. As they bring out a veritable who's who of bright, intelligent, social networking, technerd, wonders, agencies and companies and python programers. I would say expect to make an impact. The whole point is to have this quite disorganized group of folks and in some cases even direct competitors working on a project that if successful will find it way into the field . I think this video clip will sum it up better then my hackin aways @ these keys.

So the best part is that No one owns this stuff because most of the stuff is coming from between two ears. So come from the brains stay for the hacks of existing API's and some come from how the brains sync together to what can be best described as a 3rd wave.

The tabula slate or > structure is what will keep us comin back and < thinking of new ways to Help Earth via CrisisCamps.....

So until then go to end........ RHoK out w/ ur Hack on