Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lets' turn over the cart.

In our previous Blog we talked about the way sales of online ADs across the MetropolitanCloud where going to be used to support this nonprofit.  What we are now able to say is that the some of the professional sale force we are going to deploy is going to be made up of the homeless, like my local street paper seller who will be able to further support himself by selling the placement of ads across the MetropolitanCloud starting with the area he happens to be in

When we first brought up to him the potential to learn about our programs and then be a paid salesman he was more then excited he was hopeful and knew that the time he spends every up to 18 hours a day can now be using to cross promote himself, community, street paper,  and the business that are supporting Help Earth by advertising on the MetropolitanCloud.

We look forward to bring more information about this project and some other game changing ideas we have coming down the pipe and as always we strive to make them a WIN WIN WIN WIN