Thursday, August 5, 2010

Support HelpEarth just by being online.

The HelpEarth Foundation has embarked upon a number of inovative tasks, programs and fundraising methods.  All of which are different and empower the Foundation not required us to spend the majority of our time funding fishin.

So what is one of the programs.    The HelpEarthFoundation now is the benefictor of the ad sales for a number of internet portals that refence one what is happening in towncenters and other places where folks live play shop and work.

We are able to via the cloud of connected infrastructure and crossed connected sites to localize content from a central cloud that joins others clouds.   

In the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan area we have the and what makes this cloud so important is that is merging a whole cloud from the world of Common Interest Communities CIC.   According to our partners at the International Community  Associations @intercommassoc  we are looking at a potential of 100 million homes in the US that are under some kind of association as ownership structure. 

Well all of these homes are somewhere and when someone online is looking for infomation ICA's partners will have that information and our related portals will be   implanted into their Graphical Interface.

Come back to seek more information about this what we like to call the Win Win Win Win