Tuesday, November 30, 2010

IMHO Join everything and anything that makes your heart beat #socialmediacitizens http://amplify.com/u/gw4u

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Co-Creation is happening today

 PublicMediaCamp (#pubcamp) is an initiative to strengthen the relationship that public broadcasters have with their communities through the creation of collaborative projects. This group has been created to connect people around the world interested in the future of public media. Make sure you visit thePublicMediaCamp Wiki here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weadvance needs a chance

Recently I traded emails with someone that I know to be brave, true passionate and without a doubt one of the biggest Crisis Free Agents in the HISTORY of em.

Her story is part of a larger story and I believe what these ladies are doing is something that needs to be embraced, funded and nurtured because our lives do depend upon it. These are some of the most vunberable citizen on this planet and when you hear the stories of the women these clinics help~ You will weep for many reason the few I have heard are so horrible and worse is that I was gettting them from somone that had to deal with it in the aftermath.

This is the untold story of the lives and struggles of the women of Haiti and if we don't unite and do something about it NOW then we are the problem.

Attached is a very important Women's clinic proposal that exemplifies the ability of the few to respond to the many. Already with scant funding these clinics are happening.

Founded in the middle of the worst disaster possible in Haiti history by crisis free agent Alison Thompson, actress Maria Bello, and lawyer Aleda Freshman. This is a something to behold and fund

We Advance

These are the same ladies lead by Maria who used her star power to successful bring UN Sectary General Ban-Ki Moon to officially open their first clinic at the JPHRO camp in Haiti.

“Operating on the small of an old rag and we just get our heads down and move forward without red tape.“ Alison Thompson, Co-Founder.

Weadvance just received a donated huge circus tent which they are about to use as a new women's clinic behind St Damien's hospital.

I think it’s the time for some of us to step up and help them. Think if what these wonderful ladies can achieve with funding.I have attached their proposals and hope that you can help them or know of someone that can so that they can continue to help the women and children in Haiti.

 Click here to Download Weadvance Women's Clinic Proposal

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