Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There are juicy Waves still being caught are you on them?

Wave has found some ground with which to build some momentum.  Inside Google and now in the Apache Software Foundation Incubation program

    Note this recent announcement on the Google Wave APIs group
    The Google Wave team would like to announce a wave data export option intended to support importing wave data from wave.google.com to your own wave server. We have added an option to the ROBOT_FETCH_WAVE method in the Wave Data API to get the raw deltas from a wavelet. These raw deltas provide the wave's complete history. We expect there will be a little work to turn them into a form suitable for any particular WIAB instance. The raw deltas export and some important caveats about how it works are explained here: http://www.waveprotocol.org/wave-apis/google-wave-data-api/raw-deltas-export
Here is a link to a wave we started for Incident Command please check it out and lets just roll with the wave and have some fun and make the world a better place. That is a lot of give to get for the effort.
On the Opensource side, it should be noted that there were a couple of wave api brerwing when Google Wave jumped on it big time and we'll do are best to come back and make a note of them here.

(Forgotten Contributors Goes here)

The Apache Software Foundation entertained, voted and accepted Wave into their incubator program.

The proposal is available at: http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/WaveProposal

The vote options:

[ ] +1 Accept Wave for incubation
[ ] +0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Reject for the following reason:

The vote is open for 72 hours.

The vote that is taking place on the general@incubator list is strictly
a vote of members of the Incubator Project Management Committee (PMC),
as they are the folks that will be taking on formal responsibility for
the project while it is in incubation. Thus their votes will be

However, other votes are valued there, as they show the breadth of
community support. And clearly this project has a significant breadth of

So, those of you who have voted on this list, I'd encourage you to send
your +1 votes to the general@incubator list. Ideally subscribe first,
but if you don't, a moderator should push them through.

The project was approved and is now under their umbrella of projects. Plus it was noted on a recent email I was reading 
Wave currently has a healthy community around waveprotocol.org <http://waveprotocol.org>, withcode review on reviews.apache.org <http://reviews.apache.org>
So if you have not been out of a wave we just have to say that is like going to beach and not getting in the ocean when the tasty waves come rolling in everyone love a great wave.

Monday, December 6, 2010

http://altavozdistribution.blogspot.com Altavoz Distribution: changing the distribution model into co-creation d... http://t.co/tXuSqjy So here is one of the major announcements http://amplify.com/u/hs3t

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I want to highly recommend the Global Mind Shift and the experience that you will get out of the conversation cloud that is engendered by the folks that are involved from top to bottom of the whole GMS undertaking. So please check em out and join in the fun.

To speed up the time it takes artists, bands and labels all know one thing that many clubs, promoters, retailers radio folks know we add some app to the general understanding of who the music business works well for everyone.When you tour or play out and donut have physical product 2 sell or at the least have some on consignment at a local store, ur are disturbing the force.That force is the community of fans that hear, see it buy it and talk it btw last we looked 58 percent of the money was coming from Album sales and only 25 percent from Digital albums. Do the math and also ask yourself if you ever, EVER heard of a digital rock star. The fans donut need to have to figure it out they (can and should) have it all so artists.bands.labels might want to figure out what this elusive distribution thingy is because that is where the money and Grammy's are coming from and it's just time to step up.btw we are at TheMajorsSuck.comprofit 2 helpearth http://amplify.com/u/h680