Thursday, December 2, 2010

To speed up the time it takes artists, bands and labels all know one thing that many clubs, promoters, retailers radio folks know we add some app to the general understanding of who the music business works well for everyone.When you tour or play out and donut have physical product 2 sell or at the least have some on consignment at a local store, ur are disturbing the force.That force is the community of fans that hear, see it buy it and talk it btw last we looked 58 percent of the money was coming from Album sales and only 25 percent from Digital albums. Do the math and also ask yourself if you ever, EVER heard of a digital rock star. The fans donut need to have to figure it out they (can and should) have it all so artists.bands.labels might want to figure out what this elusive distribution thingy is because that is where the money and Grammy's are coming from and it's just time to step up.btw we are at TheMajorsSuck.comprofit 2 helpearth