Sunday, December 25, 2011

Buy Indie Support Locals: SOPA is part of a plan to kill US MADE MUSIC.

Buy Indie Support Locals: SOPA is part of a plan to kill US MADE MUSIC.: Fairuse is Free Speech and the facts that we show here need to start ringing bells in hearts ...

Monday, August 29, 2011

How hard is it for a Charity Record Label to get a distribution deal

If the label happens to find a distributor that understands the means and reasons for operating an entertainment company as a charity then something new exist or the world has changed some how...

Indeed it has ~ Our for profit company Altavoz Distribution has started off with an amazing project

Altavoz has Download for Good, 33 of the itunes plus a bonus track with Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger. And the great thing about this is that we're all working to help the David Lynch Foundation Music to continue to do the good works that David Lynch has supported via the David Lynch Foundation

Together! We have a chance to change the music business and do good, who could ask for more......We can so expect an announcement soon. Until then please let everyone know about this project and ask your local record shops to make sure they contact Altavoz 301-95MUSIC to reserve a chance to carry this limited edition 4 volume deluxe box set CHARITY RECORD...

Get it buy this, hear great music and help 2 Charities.  David Lynch Foundation Music and Help Earth Foundation. This is why we call it the 4 Wins. Since Help Earth will then be able to help another local community group and the only thing folks have to do is consumer great music.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We have started something and it could be getting bigger.

We would like to thank the PublicBar group,  and especially the manager of @PublicTenley Sean, for all their help this weekend with a great community event to help the American Red Cross, National Capital Region, to serve the needs of our fellow American that have been ravaged by the recent Tornado's and floods.

Please contact us HelpEarthFoundation(at) if you would like to find about what we are doing in our HyperLocal Communities.  We'll be making an announcement shortly about this effort and what is the next leap forw. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

NMB11DC - New - Music - Business - Music 2.0- Eventbrite

NMB11DC - New - Music - Business - Music 2.0- Eventbrite

We are sponsor this unconferance and we are not planning on inviting 1 major record industry executive or pundit. We are inviting the change agents, free agents, staffers and agency folks that make all of this work. We will have folks that know who to use the tools of the day to get the work at hand done

Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Music Business UNconference

New Music Business UNconference

We are happy to be helping the New Music Business get it's footing in DC on May 21, 2011

Altavoz Distribution: The Scourge of the Music Business -- Who Pays?

Altavoz Distribution: The Scourge of the Music Business -- Who Pays?: "There is a lot of scuttle and divisive talk in the news today about music on the cloud and how this could hurt the artists, whether the musi..."

Co-Ceo of Altavoz Entertainment Jess ask's some interesting questions?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

State of Music

Google Incident Action Wave

The Apache Software Foundation is also developing an open source version of Wave. There is a reason why we live to ride ocean waves and digital ones too.

We are very excited to announce the return of

In a very short time the redesign  of one the oldest names on the Internetwork will commence with the Future of Music today becoming a reality.  
 We have been working around the clock and have added some new faces behind the magic electronic curtain. 
Much of what we will be doing in the next few years will come for the profits of this company and when you tell you that you don't have to change a things and can have it the way you want it and it's legal and you'll gladly pay more then a Starbucks coffee drink to get it.  AND it will 

Remember Buy Indie Support Locals.    

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What does every kid at heart LOVE Baseball

We have a wonderful opportunity to unleash the creative talents of the youth that we are enrolling into the on a major sports team fan experience.

As we desire to have CWFP youth  work on tasks, things or websites that offer experience that is meaningful; We could not think of any thing more then having these same kids design and build the best fan community in the world for our Washington Nationals Fams

The HelpEarthFoundation has assembled the basic blogs, groups, socilamedia and website for the overall NatFan experience and having the youth of DC be a part of this just makes it all that much better.   Please join the community online. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Community Star: What is a Community Star

Community Star: What is a Community Star: "So we're pretty sure that most folks know what a star is right. You got your Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Sports Stars, Reality Stars. &nb..."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cloud Work Force Project: We think this is Awesome

Cloud Work Force Project: We think this is Awesome: "Why not apply. If you have an awesome idea we think you or your group should apply"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From way back in 1996 Help Earth was there.

This is a screen grab from a video that was being made while working on a website in 1996. The video just came to light when we were going thought some of the visual media that we have been archiving for 17 years.

This particular footage covers the builing of a website to cross promote our video with retailers and sponsers of our entertainment company (Altavoz Distribution) video Kayaking Extreme. This video was produced, distributed and retailed to raise funds for a worthy cause and clearly an early case of social preneuring.

The soundtrack on the video was from artist related in Altavoz's catalog even has some DJ Shadow via Blackalicious, Solesides Records and Jeff Chang. In fact all the artists on the soundtrack where amazing and the video was pretty advanced for it's time considering the coach of the Olympic team thought Extreme in kayaking was wrong and he hated the idea.

Now the interesting part is that down on the bottom you can see that we thought that Help Earth was a piorty and we are waiting to see if Help Earth got a credit on the video jacket. Considering that this video was retail acrossed the nation I would say our first use claim is going to be 1996.

Then and today to Help Earth is our highest objective. We have just chosen to do so in small meaningful ways.

Click to watch the Youtube video of the finnished project.
Click to watch the Ustream video from 1996
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Billionaires, telling Millionaires, how to engage Thousandaires to service and sell to Hundredaires

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”A Einstein

This should be stamped on the foreheads of the folks that are being chosen by the White House to lead us into the future.  I understand the refrain of seeking entrepreneurs. I fact I was one of those young brash entrepreneurs in the 1980s that graduated into an economy with few jobs because we where being told that the Japanese are eating the American dream. I and others set out to build companys that where community based and sought to hire our neighbors and I am proud that one of mine is still serving communities after 23 years. 

During my life I was also there as a dot com'ers part of the whole "revolution mindset" that was emerging from the coffee shops, clubs and band scene at the time.  I had my  first site back in 93 you had to type \~ to get to it.  Grabbed in April of 1995 for our company and still have the same email address after 16 plus years. I and many others are still waiting for some of the changes that where clamored about particularly in entertainment distribution. 

To my best knowledge not one person, company, investors, stockholders or gov officials asked if what we or anyone else for that matter was doing had any saving grace other then profits.  This is what Entrepreneurship without a soul yields- Profits before people. I am not saying the folks that engaged in it where wrong it was the mandate of the times.  We are in new times and we have to change are ways.

Gone to the Hundredaires is the utility of money!

Here is an example. Pick any Agricultural good. It was valued at one price before the Great Depression (or any time of price inelesticy) and then during it they plummet.  Did the value of a cork (stock) really go down? Did a potato(501) lose 50 percent of it's value.  No they did not! I would think if people where starving the value of it would have gone up not down.   Once we leave the flimsily world of money. Why not?: Since it is clearly not a store of value and has limited shelf life. Is there any store still accepting Confederate currency?  No and this new age was hearled by this White House 2 years ago.

On 11/16/2008 White House Office of Social Entrepreneurship?: Announcement on Blog   I was so happy and proud of our nation and this Administration.  And to the folks that drove this to the President's desk and those activity engage in their communities with socialpreneurship which seved as the early examples of this new hope engine. IMHO that plan is being developed by Socialpreners right now in the streets, community colleges, and universities. The hallmark of this new change is that Marginal Utility of Public Good is the baseline.  Not Marginal Utility of Money.

So what is Greater good?  well there are greater amount of Hundredaires and it would make sense that when we look at what will support the greatest good for the most right.  So we need to hear from the folks that are developing workforce programs, career training, jobs, businesses and in some case whole industries that are not just commoditizing the masses they are hopefully experiencing  them and doing so will awaken them to the plight of almost everyone else in world 

In the words of John Hope Bryant. "Flip the Script" 

To that end we have made  Socialpreneur Network an open group on linked in and hope to see others out there Helping Earth and it's newly emerging Cosmic Citizens. 

btw we have a few names for the list.  Community Star references upon request. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We have launched the Cloud Work Force Project

Just to get the ball rolling we have enrolled the Cloud Work Force Project on the following sites

We have set up a date to kick this off in DC which you can view at 

If you can think of  else we need to do please let us know and please follow our twitter feed @cloudworkforcep (Twitter Feed for project)

Any Questions can be directed to Outreach (at) Cloud Work Force . ORG