Friday, February 25, 2011

Community Star: What is a Community Star

Community Star: What is a Community Star: "So we're pretty sure that most folks know what a star is right. You got your Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Sports Stars, Reality Stars. &nb..."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cloud Work Force Project: We think this is Awesome

Cloud Work Force Project: We think this is Awesome: "Why not apply. If you have an awesome idea we think you or your group should apply"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From way back in 1996 Help Earth was there.

This is a screen grab from a video that was being made while working on a website in 1996. The video just came to light when we were going thought some of the visual media that we have been archiving for 17 years.

This particular footage covers the builing of a website to cross promote our video with retailers and sponsers of our entertainment company (Altavoz Distribution) video Kayaking Extreme. This video was produced, distributed and retailed to raise funds for a worthy cause and clearly an early case of social preneuring.

The soundtrack on the video was from artist related in Altavoz's catalog even has some DJ Shadow via Blackalicious, Solesides Records and Jeff Chang. In fact all the artists on the soundtrack where amazing and the video was pretty advanced for it's time considering the coach of the Olympic team thought Extreme in kayaking was wrong and he hated the idea.

Now the interesting part is that down on the bottom you can see that we thought that Help Earth was a piorty and we are waiting to see if Help Earth got a credit on the video jacket. Considering that this video was retail acrossed the nation I would say our first use claim is going to be 1996.

Then and today to Help Earth is our highest objective. We have just chosen to do so in small meaningful ways.

Click to watch the Youtube video of the finnished project.
Click to watch the Ustream video from 1996
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