Monday, August 29, 2011

How hard is it for a Charity Record Label to get a distribution deal

If the label happens to find a distributor that understands the means and reasons for operating an entertainment company as a charity then something new exist or the world has changed some how...

Indeed it has ~ Our for profit company Altavoz Distribution has started off with an amazing project

Altavoz has Download for Good, 33 of the itunes plus a bonus track with Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger. And the great thing about this is that we're all working to help the David Lynch Foundation Music to continue to do the good works that David Lynch has supported via the David Lynch Foundation

Together! We have a chance to change the music business and do good, who could ask for more......We can so expect an announcement soon. Until then please let everyone know about this project and ask your local record shops to make sure they contact Altavoz 301-95MUSIC to reserve a chance to carry this limited edition 4 volume deluxe box set CHARITY RECORD...

Get it buy this, hear great music and help 2 Charities.  David Lynch Foundation Music and Help Earth Foundation. This is why we call it the 4 Wins. Since Help Earth will then be able to help another local community group and the only thing folks have to do is consumer great music.