Friday, November 8, 2013

Digital Responders are needed for curating Tweets of Typhoon Yolanda via

 Link to start helping.

Want to help the People of the Philippines respond and recover from Typhoon Yolanda.  Please consider joining other Digital Responders via and sort through tweet and help Emergency Responders makes sense of the what Social Media Citizens are saying online. 

CrowdCrafting is different to existing efforts:
  • It's a 100%% open-source
  • Unlike, say, “mechanical turk” style projects, CrowdCrafting is not designed to handle payment or money — it is designed to support volunteer-driven projects.

To help you just login in either with your social media account, create an account or do so anonymously. From there you're guided throughout a few screen giving a short tutorial about the platform and  start helping.

HelpEarth will see you Crowdcrafting helping EARTH.