Sunday, November 3, 2013

#EDTECH and #RHoK will meet Dec 7th #RHoKDCdec13

 Link to signup.

So lots of discussion has been held over the years, specifically in Washington, DC, about the state of education and what can we do about it.

From Think tanks to conferences the powers that be have held sway as to the where and when this happens.  And, over and over someone will standup, often a maverick teacher or CommunityStar, and ask when are we going to involve the kids in the process since this is going to impact them or it's being done for they're benefit. Really it is.

This is not just a concern of educators, I've had this conversation with some of the vanguard of this new movement called social media citizens and since it's empathy and unmitigated love for all of they're fellow inhabitants of this great planet noticing that we haven't gotten to kids is not uncommon and it's time to do something about it.

So this December Help Earth Foundation and Random Hacks of Kindness are going to host the Washington, DC Hackathon at a District of Columbia Public Middle School. Details will be released on Monday Nov 4th.    However the point is we're going to hack issues and solutions with the aid of 6th -8th graders.
While the same key folks are can be found at the CrisisCamps, RHoKs, or Unconferences and if it was said we need to get more kids at more then one of them it was one time to many. 
 Since HEF as been part of Random Hacks of Kindness since the 1st Hackathon here in DC at the FriendshipHeights Microsoft office and the last two at the World Bank offices this is quite a departure from the corporatization of Hacks for Good.

This Hackathon is a shift in a number of ways since not only are we engaging the youth we've asked the community via listservs, introductions and personal contacts to come and take part with the end goal of for this community being able to better serve itself, be better organized, resilient and participating with other Social Media Citizens the world over.

We under under stand that often the good is not always achieved and those it's meant to serve are long forgotten after the press releases and social media surge as faded from memory.  However with a goal of #5wins we believe we'll start the foundation to Help Earth one community at a time.