Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tweet Clicker MicroMappers is completed great job WORLD.

Having jumped on the #MicroMapper effort on Crowdcrafting at the start to see it finnish is really something that everyone involved should be proud and know that not every moment on the inter tubes is wasting time. Our time as a collective did something that CrisisMappers have been dreaming about.   Crowd Sourcing the volumes of information these CrisisMapping effort typically yield.

As you can see the tutorial for getting up and going as a MicroMapper is very easy and the task was helped by a very simple interface which pipe-lined a mother load of data that was made use of us digital responders funneling it to chunks of manageable data. This way the responders on the ground and disaster managers looking at how to deploy the very limited resources and time they must deal with during something so massive that it over whelms a nation have thousands of Social Media Citizen now helping out.  And getting people to response was a simple as sending out a tweet and posting it on blogs.

Welcome to now, when Marginal Utility of Public Good is something that young and old both can sink their personal capital into and see a direct results.  This is something truly remarkable and some what like the Overview Effect it makes one believe in the Oneness and Humanity of so Many.  

As they say down under Good on You Mate(s)