Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We've added sponsorship opportunities for upcoming RHoKDCdec13 Hackathon

With all of the exciting things being planned for our upcoming Random Hacks of Kindness event at Alice Deal Middle School we added a couple of sponsors tickets to our eventbrite page.

So we have set them at Silver and Bronze with one of the Silver already being accepted by GITHUB (SHOUT OUT TO THEM)  leaving one more and currently 4 Bronze Sponsorships

So instead of letting everyone know what we're doing for the sponsors how about we let the everyone know what we're doing for the Middle Schoolers, Hackers and Challenge Seekers

We have assembled some of the best minds in Cloud, CrisisCamps, Data, Hackathons, Mapping and Social Media to attended in person and a couple of them vitally,  we have extensive educational opportunities for people to learn from them and then hack a challenge brought by the community at large or the school.

During this time we'll be communicating with other RHoKs via social media and Ustream and letting the community know via a live blogging via one of DC most bloodiest blogger's and we're to understand that a local video cameraman is coming to document it as well.

At the end of this hackathon RHoKDC expect to present a couple of finished hacks and some projects that are being considered for wider adoption.  

So to do this we'll need a couple of Community Star to setup and become an underwriter or sponsor of this event.  Please let Nelson Jacobsen know if you have any questions. or you can send us a tweet @HelpEarthdotorg

Press Release about RHoKDC
Information sheet about RHOK