Sunday, December 8, 2013

We just #RHoK'd it in DC with some amazing hackers young and old. And! it was AMAZING.

We just held DC contribution to a Global Hackathon RHoKDC solved some local community challenges and did it with DC Public Schoolers, parents and staff;  a cadre of some #DCTECH hastati and it #rhokdc  

Of the two challenges we were able to accept 1 app was for the students & parents  ~Android and Apple marketplaces shortly. The other was for the Teachers and Staff and they can use it starting Monday morning.

I'll have pictures and more information later, since I have  a few details to attend to as part of my deliverables;  However I wanted to take the time to say
I've been doing this computer stuff since 1976 and this was one of the best experiences I've had hands down. 
Bringing the kids, educators, parents into these events is required by common sense.


Nelson Jacobsen, Founder & DC Lead
Help Earth Foundation & Random Hacks of Kindness

PS a special thanks to our Sponsors cuz they are part of the solution and we can't #hack4good without the support.

[{Gold} Alice Deal Middle School, {Silver} Github, NCLUD {Bronze} LivityFoods & Altavoz ]