Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's in store for the HelpEarth Foundation in 2014

So how do we top off a year like last year, 2013, we start off 2014 with boots on the ground and getting involved deeper in our local community, District of Columbia, and of course working on national and international disaster via the amazing groups and organization like CrisisCommons, Digital Humanitarian Network and CrisisWiki 2.0.

So what does getting involved in our community.  Since we finished off the year working with the Teachers, Staff and Students at Alice Deal Middle School on internal and external apps for their school community the Help Earth Foundation the experience reminded all of us how important Social Media is not just during crisis and disasters -- it's import for local business and shops, the life blood of any community, to have an understanding of the impact and needs of SM on themselves and their businesses or organizations.

So, during the year we'll be highlighting a few of these companies and asking our local community to be joining us in following them online and in the community and of course working for the #5wins.