Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time to consider a Public Safety Cloud and what it means for Aircraft and you.

So we're all in horror watching the news about the Malaysian Airline disappearance and the questing that keeps coming is how could this happen and what are we going to do in the future about it.

We have an answer and it's called the PublicServiceCloud.org

Please take a look and let's start talking about solutions not excuses for a total lack of progress.  For that aren't going to look the basic notion is that we now have a need for data from our public safety agencies and those entries that they monitor to be part of hybrid cloud solutions that allows for-example data from Aircraft black boxes to be transmuted and stored upon the cloud for access from any and all public service agencies.

Think of this as "All Hazard" planning for the when not if that a plane or even a whole towns emergency services are for some reason cut off, power and backup gone, or worse the area isn't habitable.   We already know today from disasters as far away as Haiti to our own SuperStorm Sandy that not only is this a possibility, the response to helping to the immediate needs as well as recovery will be shouldered upon access to information.

A Public Safety Cloud is our only Hope.