Thursday, March 19, 2015

CyclonePam hits Vanuatu and here's how help started and what you can do now

The first inkling of potential impact of CyclonePam on the tiny island of Vanuatu came in from a tweet sent out from the RescueTaskForce Twitter feed on March 12th  just before 10 pm EST.

And we know right way that by morning in the States the deviation would be tremendous. That night going to bed hoping for the best as you can see it's no match for a Cyclone let alone the previous Earth Quake and Volcano eruption hit this tiny island nation . LINK

The damage has been something that has been accumulating to the point that this nation is now not capitalizable of sustaining themselves and the best and the brightest minds in the world are needed to help them not only survive this BlackSwan event they'll need to prepare for more if they're to stay there for any long period of time.

Meanwhile the Digital Humanitarian Network as happens in many disasters goes into the Activation mode over the weekend and members like Humanity Road and StandByTaskeForce are able to update the over all group on any actions, plans or communications that they may be privy to or leading as is often the case.

As well as DHN monitoring the situation again individual members are participating in many aspects of response and recovery including some very nimble MicroMapping from Patrick Meier's group. which anyone can signup and learn to become a Digital Jedi.

Help Earth Foundation will be updating this blog with information about a couple of groups that we've noticed to be doing some Crowd backed response to this ongoing and disaster for the people of the impacted areas. (March 19th, 12:09 EST)