Friday, January 8, 2016

Potential Polar Vortex to hit USA starting Jan 12th prepare now.

It looks like the week of Jan 12th the USA will be getting clobbered with a Polar Vortex which is what is hitting the UK right now after they just and US are recovering from #StromFrank.  There is now ample information that much of this drastic weather is being drive by #SpaceWeather See for messaging about it and make sure you go by

Help Earth Foundation's main concern is that after a mild start to the winter that people aren't acclimated to cold as well might not have prepared via obtaining winter weather gear this is most concerning for homeless and other at risk population. We strongly feel that pre-polorvortex work needs to be started to prepare and respond to it now.  

Please contact us about . BTW it needs some social good hackers that want to give it a boost.

Make sure that heating centers are open, groups working with at risk populations messaging about what to do, Social Media messaging with graphics for sharing and updated websites or mobile apps for shelter and emergency information.

Let's have a plan and be prepared.

Nelson Jacobsen, Chairman.