Saturday, September 2, 2017

#Harvey is a #Hazmat Situation -Updated

CNN is reporting that tests from Independent firm,  A&B Labs, is showing alarming rates of E.Colia Fecal Matter and all of the requirements for the Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), AKA Flesh Eating Bacteria.   Anyone in areas that have Harvey Flood Waters must start to take extreame causion when entering water with any open cuts or wounds.

HEF has reviewed  State of Texas Mitigation Plan Update 2013 and didn't see any provision or planning for Hazmat situations and it should also be noted that this plan that the Counties haven't made their plans interoperable with the overall State plan. 

HEF is looking for any #CrisisMappers and #Hazmat Experts to working on this on going and developing issue. 

#HarveyHazmat needs to be used on Social Media to make everyone aware of this dangerous issue.