Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Members of DHN Activates for Indonesia EQ/Tsunami

Members of DHN Activates for Indonesia EQ/Tsunami

Washington, DC. Help Earth Foundation (HEF) and fellow members of Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN), a virtual network that supports the activities of its members to reduce human suffering globally by leveraging modern technology,  and will be using physical and online skills after Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (ASEAN) asked member of DHN to offer support.

As reported by ASEAN, On Friday (28/09) at 13.59 hrs, an earthquake with a strength of 5.9 SR and updated to 6.0 SR Lok: 0.35 LS, 119.82 BT (The epicenter was at land 61 km north of Palu), Depth: 10 km shook the Kab. Donggala, Prov. Central Sulawesi. Earthquake with magnitude 7.7 magnitude strength which is then updated by BMKG to magnitude 7.4 shook the Palu City and Donggala, Central Sulawesi at 17:02 hrs causing more damages. Earthquake epicentre was recorded at 10 km depth, 27 km northeast of Donggala, Central Sulawesi.

Further, A Tsunami struck Talise beach in Palu City and beaches in Donggala and some settlements and buildings on the beach. Assessment and data collection on the number of victims are still underway.

HEF began; monitoring #sulawesi on Friday, September 28th after seen an Instagram post shot of the Tsunami from an eyewitness that was shared from a surfer Kelly Slater.  As of Today HEF will work, virtually, along side of fellow #Crisis Free Agents on the Open Street Map projects, while fellow members of DHN will be providing Crisis Data and translators and interpreters.

According to the population census data of 2010, 1,536,367 are potentially affected by this event across 6 regencies and 85 districts. Initial reports (as at 30 September) have estimated 832 casualties with over 540 injuries and 29 missing across 934 affected villages. There are currently over 16,732 displaced persons being housed with 24 evacuation sites. Note that this figures are still expected to rise. Currently, 264 bodies have been recovered with 87 disaster victims being identified by National Police.

DHN was requested to help in the following areas. :

1) Real-time media monitoring of mainstream and social media
2) Support to OSM on the following: http://tasks.openstreetmap.id/project/45
3) Rapid geo-location of pictures from social media, event-data and infrastructure data
4) Creation of live crisis maps for decision support
5) Crowdsourcing support for satellite imagery analysis
6) Time-sensitive web-based research

Press Release Link https://www.prlog.org/12732724-members-of-dhn-activate-for-indonesia-eqtsunami.html